James Revillini

I am a freelance web developer in CT who specializes in Wordpress development. The things I value most are family, friendships, sustainable living, delicious food, traveling, and social/environmental activism.

~ away (~ by car)

aluminum cans for return/deposit

i probably generate 10 – 15 bottles and cans per week. they’re yours if you want to pick them up.

you can just have em.

~ away (~ by car)

2008 vw rabbit, black, just for parts

the good: brand new headlights
the bad: car has a bent control arm, engine issues, and the inside may be a little musty because it’s been sitting in the yard for awhile.
the ugly: right front tire rubs against the frame due to the bent control arm, so it needs to be towed out

i’m open to anything in trade.

~ away (~ by car)

personal music consultant

have you ever thought, “gee, i’m really getting tired of listening to listening to aerosmith … it would be a real sweet emotion to hear some new ish.” then you flipped through the radio stations and realized it all sucks.

youtube is no help … you don’t know what to search for. “personal music consultant”

~ away (~ by car)

worm compost container construction and consulting services

i’ll help you build a vermicomposting system which uses worms to compost your vegetable food scraps while generating nutrient-rich, water retaining potting soil.
Photos by Eddie Kopp, Scott Webb and Neslihan Gunaydin on Unsplash

~ away (~ by car)

homemade pie hit

i’ll stone cold chuck a homemade pie at the face of your choosing … for the right trade

Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash

i can’t afford it

i’m going to disprove the ‘i can’t afford it’ mentality with this site. you can afford everything you need (and a lot of things you want too).

let’s take a quick trip to the crossroads of etymology and psychology. afford traces back to Old English geforðian – ‘to send out, promote, carry out.[1]’ “i can’t afford it”

milk money

here’s a standard milk transaction:

jimmy goes to the ATM, takes out $20, drives to stop&shop grocery store and buys a gallon of milk for $3.65.

here’s who got paid*:

  • the ATM company who contracted with the bank;
  • the grocery store employees (cashier, shelf stockers, management team);
  • stop&shop corporate (distribution, payroll, accounting, management, owners);
  • the company stop&shop pays to do their cash registers and credit card terminals;
  • stop&shop’s insurance company;
  • stop&shop’s electric company;
  • stop&shop’s internet company;
  • a bottling/packaging company;
  • a dairy farmer.
“milk money”
~ away (~ by car)

web design

offering my web design services in exchange for goods and services. i build wordpress websites and have an extensive professional portfolio.

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

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