~502km away (~5 hours 1 min by car)

Fabric Scraps

After decades of sewing I have accumulated a lot of fabric! Need some yardage?

~611km away (~6 hours 3 mins by car)

aluminum cans for return/deposit

i probably generate 10 – 15 bottles and cans per week. they’re yours if you want to pick them up.

you can just have em.

~611km away (~6 hours 3 mins by car)

2008 vw rabbit, black, just for parts

the good: brand new headlights
the bad: car has a bent control arm, engine issues, and the inside may be a little musty because it’s been sitting in the yard for awhile.
the ugly: right front tire rubs against the frame due to the bent control arm, so it needs to be towed out

i’m open to anything in trade.

~539km away (~5 hours 25 mins by car)

miswak natural toothbrush!

an ancient style of toothbrush that’s been used for over 7000 years, made from the arāk tree root. The miswak’s properties have been described thus: “Apart from their antibacterial activity which may help control the formation and activity of dental plaque, they can be used effectively as a natural toothbrush for teeth cleaning. “miswak natural toothbrush!”

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